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Aran Christmas Ornaments

Aran Christmas Ornaments


Celebrating Aran:

Taking its name from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland,  the Aran style sweater is symbolic of the Irish hand knitting and wool traditions dating back to early 17th century.  Originally the sweaters were knitted using unwashed wool that retained its natural oils, making the hand knit garments water resistant and ideal for fishermen.  The wives of fisherman knitted the sweaters using intricate stitch patterns, many of which have an interpretation, often of religious significance:  The honeycomb is a symbol of the hard-working bee.  The cable resembles fishing ropes, is said to be a wish for safety and good luck when fishing.   The diamond is a wish of success.   The basket represents the fisherman's basket, a hope for a plentiful catch.  It is sometimes said that each fisherman's family had a unique Aran design, so that if the fisherman's body was found,  it could be identified by the pattern/stitch. 

Each are flat in design. normally  $4.50 each  sale... 2.99

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