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Celtic Season -  Will Milar

Celtic Season - Will Milar

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Will Millar (Irish whistles, bodhran, lude);
Johnny Scott (acoustic guitar);
David Gogo (guitar); Tom McGolderick (fiddle);
Nuala Towill (cello);
Derek Bell (Irish harp);
Patrick Davey (Uillean Pipes, wooden flute);
Kiernan McHugh (harmonica);
Trefor Owens (5-row button accordion);
Phil Newns (piano).

Maghmell-The Pleasant Plain: The Pleasant Plain/The Hills of Navan / The Red Branch Hail

Beltain (Spring): Patrick's Silver Dagger/Among the Hazel Woods/Ossian In Tir Na N' Oge/The Children of Lir/Crann Bethadh: The Tree of Life

The Coulin

Mabon...Automn Equinox (September 21):The Queen of the Western Land/Spirit Stones

Fairy Child Waking

Samhain:the Celtic Year Begins(November 1):The Fairy Wind/Lament of Etrinn/The Devil Among The Virgins

Lagan Enchantments

The Druids Winter

Dalraida: Among the Hazel Woods (Reprise)/Yule Feast At Dunseverick

Dance of Lughnasah: The Piper Sidhe Bodb Derg

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