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About us

CastleA Celtic Shoppe – Thistle & Pine started out in 2006 in an old century farmhouse in Pennsylvania as just Thistle & Pine.  We sold a variety of merchandise and a wee bit of Celtic.  As the years went by, my customers wanted more and more of the Celtic merchandise focusing on Irish & Scottish.  Not only did we have the storefront, but we set up as vendors at Highland Games and Celtic Festivals. Then in 2015, we sold our houses and land and moved to Florida. In 2021, we moved to Tennessee.   Now we are focusing on selling online, which we have sold online since 2007, and setting up at festivals and events.

We are a small family business living in Athens, Tennessee.    Teresa is the owner with Scottish / Welsh heritage.  I (Teresa) grew up listening to my father play the bagpipes, so I guess it is just in the blood.   I stay involved in Celtic events. Currently, I am still a board member of the St. Andrew’s Society of Pittsburgh as the Coordinating Secretary, & the designer of the t-shirts sold at the Ligonier Highland Games.  Also, I am the Steward for the Scottish Fiddle Competition at the Ligonier Highland Games at Ligonier, PA., plus a member of Scottish F.I.R.E.    I like to play fiddle, with a focus on Celtic tunes and am part laird for Dunans Castle, which makes me Lady Teresa. 

ThistlesSome of the merchandise companies I have are Ingles Buchan, Amethyst Dublin,  Sea Gems, Lochcharron, New Folk Records, Hamilton & Young,  Peter Stone, and many other companies from Scotland, Wales, the UK and Ireland.   

If you ever have any questions, please email me at  Hoping I can answer the best I can.  You can see tidbits on my Face Book page .  I will have to learn more about twitter and such.