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Irish Penny Wrist Watch


The  Irish Penny Wrist Watch is a timeless treasure that will instantly become a family heirloom, proudly passed down from generation to generation. The watch's face is a genuine Irish penny minted between 1928 and 1968, framed by a bronze-tone bezel embossed with Roman numerals. Each watch is a unique and meaningful reminder of Irish culture and heritage, a perfect keepsake.

* Every watch features a 100% genuine penny minted for the Irish State
* Mineral glass lens
* The front of the coin is the watch face, and the back houses a solid quartz movement.
Handsome gift box includes booklet with information on the Irish penny and history on each of the years the Irish penny was minted.

 Each timepiece arrives with a booklet containing both information about the featured coin and insight into the historic period for which the coin was in circulation. The Irish Penny Watch serves as a practical timepiece and a beautifully crafted piece of Irish cultural history that you and your loved ones can keep and cherish forever.


Did You Know? The penny has been a feature of Irish coinage for more than 1,000 years, from the time when the post-Roman Hibernia, as Ireland was known, was invaded by the Vikings and Saxons. The first pennies were hammered silver coins. The coins used in each Irish Penny Watch were minted by the Irish State and in circulation between 1928 and 1968 in Ireland, before Ireland adopted decimal coinage in 1971.
**  These are no longer in production as the owner of the company passed, and the company in Ireland was shut down.  These are now a hard item to come by...a collectors item.     1953 in stock only

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