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Sterling Silver Thistle Brooch

Sterling Silver Thistle Brooch


Lovely Thistle Brooch from Scotland is made of 925 Steling Silver

Sets off your Tartans with style!   Proud to show your Scottish heritage.

The Thistle is the flower of Scotland. 

One of the best-known thistle legends takes place in the mid 13th century during a surprise invasion by the soldiers of the Norse king.

The Viking force planned to creep up on the Scottish Clansmen and Highlanders and overtake them while they slept.  Because they were barefoot so they weren't heard, one of the  invaders,bare feet came down hard on a Scottish thistle and his cries pain were enough to rouse the sleeping Scots.

Awaken by the comotion, the clansmen charged into battle and the rest, as they say, is history... AND the brave Scots were victorious!

Legend has it that because of this victorious battle, the thistle was chosen as a national emblem.

Now, how much of this is truth?   who knows, but we do know that by the 15th century the Scottish thistle was being used as a national emblem.

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