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Welsh Tartan Scarves ON SALE !


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Davies - Dackins, Dafydd, Dai, Dakin, David, Davidson, Davie, Daviel, Davies, Davin, Davis, Davyn, Daykyn. Dawkins, Dawson, Dawe, Dawes, Deakyn, Daukyn, Dei, Dew, Dewey, Dewi, Dewydd, Dyan, Dyer, Dykins, Dyos

 History: A biblical name adopted by early Welsh Christians; also the name of the patron saint of Wales. Dewi (David) March 1st is St David's day celebrated by Welsh people all over the world. The Latin version Davidus led to the Welsh versions Dewydd and Dewi, but Dafydd is more widely used. Thought to be the 3rd most popular surname in Wales and in use throughout the entire English speaking world as Davies and also Davis. The spelling 'Davis' is predominantly found in USA.

Edwards - Edwardes, Edwardson, Emment, Emont, Iorwerth, Bedward, Kedward, Kedwards, Yerward, Yorath,

History: Edwards - from the old English personal name from old English eas 'rich' + weard 'ward' or 'guardian'. It remained popular after the Norman Conquest because it was used by both kings and saints. It appears frequently in records of the 15th century and it found throughout Wales. The Welsh personal name lorwerth is the equivalent. A top 10 surname in Wales and in use worldwide.

Evans - Beavan, Bevan, Bevans, Bevin, Bevon, Biven, Bivian, Euan, Evan, Evance, Evyn, Ewy, Heaven, Heavens, Iefan, Ifan, Jeavince, Jeavons, Jevons, Ieuan, Ewen

History: From the Welsh name Ieuan (John), the name originated with the 'u' was changed to a 'v'. In use throughout Wales and worldwide. Seems to be equally predominant in North and South Welsh counties. Thought to be the 5th most popular Welsh surname.

 Griffiths - Gittah, Gittings, Gittoes, Griffen, Griffies, Griffin, Gryffin, Griffyn, Griffing, Griffis, Griffith, Grippiud, Gruffudd, Gruffydd, Gryphon, Guto, Gutyn

History: From the old Welsh name Grippiud, which became Gruffudd. Modern Welsh is Gruffydd. It was frequented as a name of indigenous Welsh princes and leaders. Old documents commonly abbreviated as Gr'. Thought to be the 10th most popular surname in Wales, also in use worldwide. Predominantly found in North Wales especially Lyn Peninsular.

HarryBarry, Harrhy, Harri, Harrie, Harrison, Harry, Hendry, Henry, Parrey, Pendry, Penry, Perry

History :  Origin Welsh/French. From French 'Henry'. Used in Medieval Wales pronounced 'Harri'. Also PARRY ap (Welsh son of) HARRY or HENRY noted in the 13th century Wales. Predominantly found in South Wales especially Carmarthen and Glamorgan. Less common in North Wales. In use worldwide.

JamesJacob, Jago, James, Jamie, Jamison, Jaymes, Jayume, Jamsey, Jem, Jemes, Gimson

History: Origin in biblical JAMES. Grew in prominence in early medieval Wales via religious influences. Variant use in early Wales - Jacob. Predominantly found in Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire. No signifigant influence in North Wales. In use worldwide


Probart, Probert, Probyn, Prodger, Propert, Prophet, Robert, Roberts, Robin, Roblin, Roppert

History: A Germanic name adopted by the Welsh (Robat) during early medieval times after the Norman conquest. Derived from hrod 'fame' and berht 'bright'. Name would appear to have its origins in describing a 'well known' and sensible person. Thought to be the 6th most popular surname in Wales.


Guilielm, Guillaume, Gullam, Gwilliam, Gwilym, Wilson, Willimon, Williman, Williamson, Whilly, Whillie

History: From the German name Wilhelm, a combination of the words "will" and "helmet", brought by the Normans. The Welsh adopted it as Guilielm and Gwilym, becoming Gwilliam and Gullam. Thought to be the 2nd most popular surname in Wales. In use worldwide through migration from Wales, predominant in Wales in Caernarfonshire and Ynys Mon, its a popular name all over Wales and the English speaking world today through Welsh migration.

Williams is the second most popular surname in New Zealand and possibly the 3rd most popluar surname in the USA! You are a big family indeed!

 St. Davids -  Tartan of Wales

History: Also known as The Brithwe Dewi Sant. A traiditional Welsh Plaid design accepted throughout Wales and the world as the National Tartan of Wales. St David was Wales 7th Century patron Saint whose working Catherdral still stands in The City of St David's in Pembrokeshire, overlooking the Irish sea. The reintroduction of this tartan 30 odd years ago, gave immediate rise to the popularity of the St Davids flag, black background and yellow/gold cross, which you now see flying proudly all over Wales!

Now worn for weddings and other formal events as Full Cilt Regalia, and with a rugby shirt for the more casual look on match days. St David's tartan products can be embroidered with the flag of St David. This tartan can be purchased or hired (rented) as a Full Welsh Cilt Regalia.

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